Groom Yourself Wolfman! and maybe you’ll find a Shewolf someday…

This is for all of you poor bastards out there who are just not getting lucky with the ladies lately.  Now we’re not going to get into ‘running game’ with the ladies, but rather start with a more basic approach… grooming yourself.

There could be a multitude of reasons as to why you are striking out like Adam Dunn with the ladies.  Maybe you’re shy, maybe you’re short, maybe you’re tall, maybe you have nubs for arms… we have no idea.  Some of things you can’t change.  We can, however, help you with some basic grooming techniques to get you to your highest possible level.  Rob Dyrdek recently made over his cousin ‘Drama’ into a Man-Dime (man who is a perfect 10), which is similar to what we will explain here.  Although not as dramatic as Rob and Drama went with it.  Let’s go from top to bottom shall we:

Hair:  At the very least make sure it is clean.  Women do not want greasy hair that may or may not have dandruff dancing throughout it as well.  Shampoo and Conditioner (Head & Shoulders has both and eliminates dandruff) should both be used.  If your hair is long like a wanna-be rock star, which we also don’t recommend, brush it as well so it’s not a tangled mess.  We would prefer if you just cut it though.

Eyebrows – Simple.  If you have a uni-brow, pluck it or shave it so that you have two.  Two eyebrows are always better than one.

Face – Use a Q-Tip in your ears!  It takes 2 seconds and makes a world of difference if you have ear wax.  If nose hairs are showing, trim them so you can’t see them any more.  Shave your face.  If you prefer a mustache (the ladies usually don’t) or a beard, then at least make sure it is trimmed up neatly.

Teeth – At the very least you should be brushing them twice a day.  Try flossing at night as well.  Everyone should also go to the dentist for a check up and cleaning AT LEAST once a year, preferably twice.  If you can get your hands on some Crest Whitening Strips try them out too.  Even the whitest of teeth can get a little whiter.  They cost about $35 a box I believe.  We will not get into braces, caps, dentures, etc. right now as this is just a basic make over for men.  P.S. use some tic tacs on hand in case of bad breath.

Clothes – Overly baggy t-shirts and jeans are not in.  Unless you are a rapper with millions of dollars you cannot pull this off.  Wear clothes that fit.  That includes skin-tight jeans.  Men need some room for their ‘boys’ to breathe!  Don’t have huge rips and/or stains on your clothes either.  Just dressing neat and clean can give you points with some ladies.  Dirty looking clothes can be an immediate turn off.  Also, dress for the occasion.  If you are going to a wedding or church dress the part.  At least a collared shirt and khakis for church and a shirt and tie for a wedding.  No sneakers at either.

Shoes – Keep your shoes and sneakers clean at all times.  Women notice when a man has filthy shoes.  A man who takes care of his shoes can take care of his woman… that’s a nice rule to live by.

Extras – Maybe spray some cologne on yourself before you go out to a place where they might be some ladies.  Better safe than sorry.  Have a job or be in school.  Nobody wants to date a loser.  If you drive a car (highly recommended) then keep that clean too.  Ladies don’t want to get into a filthy car.  If you happen to meet a lady be polite and maybe offer to buy her a drink or something.

There!  That should at least get you started down the right path to meeting a lady friend.  Feel free to ask more detailed questions in the comments section below.

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