AMC Strikes Gold with ‘The Killing’

AMC is a channel known for bringing back classic movies. I know they are there when I need my Scarface or A Few Good Men fix.  This is why some people may not realize that AMC has been pushing out some quality television shows.  First, they caught my attention with ‘The Walking Dead’, which kept me wanting more with each episode.  Others have told me that ‘Mad Men’ is also worth watching.  They kept the train moving recently with the start of their new series, ‘The Killing’.

A gripping drama that follows multiple characters through a murder investigation in Seattle, WA.  The detectives are on the hunt constantly for the killer of teenager, Rosie Larson.  Aside from all the great police drama that you may find in a show like ‘Law and Order’, you get to see the other side as the story follows the family that has gone through the horrific event.  Suspects come and go with each passing episode and nothing is given to you throughout.  You are lead to create your own opinions of people and you will often find yourself talking during the show about what you think will happen next.  If you haven’t caught this show yet, you will want to check out the first few episodes before diving back into the new episodes on Sunday nights.  Check them out on OnDemand or on  As for the rest of you who have been watching, tell me you know who did it, and I will tell you you’re lying.  This is one of those must watch shows on TV so don’t miss it.  Feel free to comment and discuss your thoughts.  New episodes air every Sunday at 10 PM/9 C on AMC.

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