Word Of the Month (May 2011)- BONETAR

BONETAR  [bone – tahr]
1.  A foolish or idiotic person.
          “Look at this bonetar over here, he just tied his shoes together by accident and tripped into that vat of jelly.  What a bonetar!”

You may also refer to a sketchy area with many losers and geeks around as Bonetar Central.

BONETARRISH – [bone – tahr – ish]
2.     Inadequate and borderline retarded
          “Check out that bonetarrish guy over there wearing a wife beater while he walks his cat on a leash down the street.”

BONETARRING – [bone – tahr – ing]
3.  Conducting yourself in a very unappealing and corny way.  You are, in all likelihood, messing something up big time.
          “Steven, stop spilling Cheetos out of your mouth when you eat.  You are  really bonetarring up my new carpet, you bonetar.”

Word Origin – A wise man was once trying to describe a friend as a moron when he got two words mixed up (boner and retard) and accidentally called this friend a ‘bonetar’.

  • Try to use BONETAR in your daily conversation this month and comment under this post how you used it.  If it is the best usage of the word, we will add it to our Word Of the Month Hall of Fame page!

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