Funny Things in Funny Places

Want to travel the world? Want to visit funny places? Do you have a sense of humor? Maybe you should take a trip around the world and perform these tasks. I am going to give you some funny destinations and give you ideas for the places you would stop in. Some of these may be vulgar, but this adds to the hilarity.

1. Break wind between friends in Middelfart. Wouldn’t it be fun to tell people that you busted out a Middle Fart between two buddies in Middelfart, Denmark?

2. Buy your lady friend a dildo in Dildo. Go ahead and kill three birds with one stone. Make her happy. Make you happy. And get a kick out of buying a dildo in Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada.

3. Get it on in Fucking. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in Fucking, Austria. Fucking, Austria is probably fucking awesome. However, I believe there is something wrong with you if you ever went to Fucking, Austria and didn’t ride the hobby horse. But, I wouldn’t ride that village bicycle down there, she looks pretty beat up.

4. Take a shot in the twig and giggleberries in Crotch Crescent. Not for the faint of heart. Man up. Take a deep breath. And take it in the nads. Crotch shots in Crotch Crescent, United Kingdom.

5. Drop a steamer in Crapstone. Don’t spend too much time in this town. I don’t think your nostrils could take it. But do stop and push one out. It’s only right to crap in Crapstone, United Kingdom.

6. Horizontal Tango in Intercourse. If Fucking, Austria wasn’t enough for you hornballs, make a stop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Rock the bed by candlelight in Amish Country.

7. Try and fail to have a good time in Boring. You can give it a whirl. But you won’t succeed. Having a good time is impossible in Boring, Oregon. But if you think you can pull it off, get a group of friends together and search for fun. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Get it moist in Wetwang. Okay, you wanted more. You may have a problem. But that’s okay. Just go get your Wang wet in Wetwang, United Kingdom.

9. Tell someone to go to H-E-Double hockey sticks near Hell. Chill out and keep cool outside of the city limits of Hell, Michigan, and then tell a passerby to “Go to Hell!” Always good for a cheap laugh.

10. See a promiscuous woman’s boobs in Titty-Ho. It may be wrong, it may be immoral, but see that Hoe’s Tits in Titty-Ho, United Kingdom. It just has to be done.

11. Drink till you spew in Puke. Get bombed. Stagger around town. Then lose your dinner all over. It’s just the right thing to do in Puke, Albania.

12. You know what to do in Beaver Lick. Just go ahead and mustache ride it up. Show her your skills.  You gotta lick the beaver in Beaver Lick, Kentucky.

13. Make her moan in Sexmoan. Take her to dinner. Butter her up. Then, give her the goods. Give it to her the best you can. Make her moan in Sexmoan, Philippines. Then, stick around and make her breakfast you jerk.

14. Slurp an amphibian in Toad Suck. Grab one of those jumpers, and suck it!   Maybe you’ll like it!  Can’t go through Toad Suck, Arkansas without at least trying it.

15. Girls, get on the top of Whiskey Dick Mountain. Venture to the peak of Whiskey Dick. It may not be hard for some, it may take a while for others, and you may never reach the goal, but you can’t get down on yourself. It’s not your fault at Whiskey Dick Mountain, Washington.

Enjoy your World travels.  Take a shot at completing some of the tasks if you dare.  But be certain of one thing.  If you decide to venture out into this crazy world, document and share it.  Everyone always appreciate a good laugh.  Can you finish the list in your lifetime?

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