9 Year Old Murdered by Neighbor

I live in a suburb of Philadelphia and last night, Monday, May 9 2011, at close to midnight, I was awake in bed when an Amber Alert came on the TV.  The announcement informed everyone in the greater Philadelphia area that a 9-year-old girl had gone missing around 8 pm in Souderton, PA.  Souderton is about an hour north of Philadelphia and only about a half hour north of my town.  The alert informed us that Skyler Kauffman went missing and described what she looked like, that she was last seen playing with friends around her apartment complex, and that she was wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt.  Just a typical 9-year-old out having fun before dinner.

My thoughts and prayers went out to Skyler and her family as soon as I saw this Amber Alert go across my screen.  I was horrified to find out today that they later found her dead body in a nearby dumpster.  The police already have a suspect in custody and say they have an ‘overwhelming’ amount of physical evidence linking the suspect to the crime.  Police were also contacted about 2 weeks ago because of an incident between the suspect, a 25-year-old unemployed man who lives at the apartment complex with his fiancée, and Skyler.  The details of that incident were not given.  Police believe the suspect picked her up in the parking lot and took her to the basement floor of the apartment building, where she was assaulted.  Police said it was a ‘horrific physical assault that left a tremendous amount of blood.’  They think she was killed by blunt force injuries or strangulation.

Clearly this murderer is just a monster.  I know what he did does not compare to the magnitude of what bin Laden did, but this assault was more personal and one-on-one, which may be even worse.  Osama bin Laden killed thousands of people, but he had his ‘goons’ do most of the dirty work for him.  I also think that Osama and his men believe that they will be rewarded in the afterlife for their sacrifices.  That is part of their religion for some reason.  They think they will be given 30 virgins in their afterlife, or something like that.  So, even though what they did was horrendous, and struck fear into the hearts of millions, they had some sort of weird, stupid reasoning for it.  This guy didn’t have any religious beliefs that veered him towards this assault on an innocent child.  You could say that he is more of a monster than Osama bin Laden.  He just did it because he felt like it.  He had to personally grab this child, constrain her, and drag her down to a basement where he beat her to death.  He watched as she died from his own hands.  Then, he just took her over to a nearby dumpster and threw her body in it.

Pennsylvania may use the death penalty in cases of first degree murder, but I don’t think that should happen in this case.  They use lethal injection, so the criminal gets injected with a needle that just stops their heart.  I don’t believe it’s very painful at all.  Why should this murderer get off with such an easy death after making an innocent child suffer the way he did with no remorse.  He shouldn’t.  He should be placed into the general prison population.  The other criminals can find out what he did and treat him how they see fit.  That’s an eye for an eye, which is what he deserves.

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  1. It’s just unreal how sick people are these days. I feel like this guy should be put in a fenced in area and then have a sign saying what he did. Then, let people in and tell them that there are no rules or laws in the confined area. Go wild.

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