Fun Drinking Games List!

This is just a list of fun games you can play if you are sitting around drinking some alcohol.  You can play them for fun or get competitive with them.  You can even make an event out of it!  Get a large group together, pick a few different games, and have a night of Beer Olympics if you want.  You can use this article as a reference page if you are looking for some fun drinking games.  These are pretty basic games that don’t have a million rules or take a lot of thinking.  Hopefully they just get you drunk!

1. Beer Pong – If you’ve ever gone to college, or high school, then you have probably played, or at least heard of, beer pong.  There are different rules and versions at every house, school, or bar, but the basics are the same.  You have an 8 foot long table with teams of 2 players at either end of it.  Each team has 6 Solo cups in front of them formed like a triangle that points towards the other team.  The cups have beer in them.  They are usually filled about a third of the way up.  A good rule of thumb is to use 2 full beers to fill your 6 cups up.  There are 2 ping-pong balls that you are trying to throw into the other team’s cups.  To determine what team shoots first you can have a shoot or flip a coin if you want, not a big deal really.  You and your partner each shoot one ball towards the other cups.  If you hit one your opponents have to drink the beer that was in that cup.  If your partner hits theirs as well then you get the balls back and get to shoot again (this is called a bring-back).  If you only hit one cup, or god forbid none, then the other team gets a turn.   This goes on until one team hits all of their opponent’s cups.  There are also a variation of rules for last cup.  In some cases if you hit the last cup only once then the other teams gets a shot at redemption to try to tie it up and bring the game to overtime.  If you hit the last cup twice in one turn then the other team does not get redemption and they lose.  It all depends on the ‘house rules’ of where you are playing.

2.  Flip Cup – Another popular drinking game.  Flip cup consists of two opposing teams, usually at least 4 players per team.  They stand on opposite sides of a long table.  Each player has a Solo cup filled with beer in front of them.  How much beer in each cup is up to the group to decide.  I have seen it played anywhere from one gulp worth of beer to the whole cup being filled.  It is more popular to fill the cups about a quarter the way up with beer so the game goes quickly but you still have to chug a little.  What you do is start at one end of the table and work your way down to the other end.  Each player chugs their cup of beer, then places it back on the table in front of them hanging slightly off the edge.  You put your hand under the cup and try to flip it in the air so that it lands back on the table upside-down.  This may take you many flips until it lands.  Once it lands face down, the next player on your team may chug their beer and try to flip their cup.  You are kind of racing the player across the table from you.  You want to have your team finish all of their beers before the other team is done.  You can also play ‘Survivor Flip Cup’ where the losing team has to vote off one of their players.  Then someone would have to drink 2 cups to make up for the lost player.  This would go on until one team has no players left.  The last player would have been drinking everyone’s cup and he ended up losing.

3.  Beer Ball/Drunk ball – This game is also best played on a 4×8 ft. table.  There are 2 teams (we will call them Team A and B) playing against each other and they each have 2 players.  Each team is at either end of the table, just like in beer pong.  They each have a full can of beer opened up in front of them at their corner of the table.  There is one pong ball in play during this game.  The first guy from Team A tries to throw the ball at one of the beer cans of Team B across the table.  If he misses both cans then Team B will get a shot at Team A’s cans.  If the Team B thrower hits one of Team A’s can, then Team B gets to start chugging their own beer cans until Team A retrieves the ball and places it on the playing table.  Once the ball is back on the table Team B must stop chugging and put their beers back on the corners of the table.  The balls may shoot anywhere in the room after they hit the can, so it may be tricky for the team to retrieve the ball and get it back to the table quickly.  What you are trying to do here is finish drinking your cans of beer before the other team finishes theirs.  So, the more times you hit their cans, the more time you guys get to chug.  Now here comes a tricky twist to the game; if your can is almost empty, there is a chance that the other team could knock it off of the table with a good throw.  If they knock your can over then you have to open a brand new beer and start over.  When your can is low you can choose to put your closed fist behind the can (not touching it) to try and prevent it from falling on the floor.  Your fist cannot move and must be stationary when placed behind your can.

4.  Quarters – There are more than a few variations of quarters.  I will give you a very basic one here so you can get the gist of how to play.  Here is a quick 1 on 1 version.  Each player has their own shot glass in front of them and a quarter.  There is a pint glass in between the two opponents that is filled up half way with beer.  The first guy tries to bounce his quarter off of the table and have it land in his own shot glass.  If he succeeds, then the opponent drinks the pint glass.  If the first guy does not bounce the quarter into his own shot glass on the first try he can choose to play ‘double or nothin’.  In this scenario he would fill up the rest of the pint glass so it is now full of beer.  He then gets one more chance to bounce the quarter into his shot glass.  If he makes it, his opponent drinks the entire pint glass.  If he misses, then he must drink the entire pint glass.  After that it is the other player’s turn to try.  You can just keep on going until one or both of you are very drunk.  Some people play the same game without the shot glasses.  In that style the players would just be trying to bounce the quarters into the pint glass itself.

5.  Beer Triathlon – The game sort of includes 3 different games in one.  It is a race between two teams.  Each team has 2 players on it and 1 pong ball.  Player 1 has three cups of beer set up along a long beer pong table.  One cup at either end of the table and one in the middle.  They must start at one end of the table and bounce a pong ball into the cup closest to them.  They then run to the middle cup on the table, chug it, and try to flip it upside-down (just like flip cup).  They then go back to the end of the table they started at and they try to shoot the pong ball into the cup on the far end (just like beer pong).  Player 2 on his team is retrieving the missed pong shots and giving them back to Player 1 until he makes the cup.  Player 1 then runs down and chugs that cup of beer and refills it for his partner’s turn.  In the meantime, Player 2 is following Player 1 after he drinks his cups of beer and he is refilling them for when he goes next.  Once you are both done all 3 sections of the table you are done.  You do this as a race against the other team side by side.  The first team done is the winner.

6.  Stump – This is an outdoor game that consists of players standing around a flat tree stump.  You need a beer for each player, a hammer, a nail for each player, and the stump itself.  Each player has their own nail, which is hammered slightly into the stump in front of them.  Make sure the nail is standing straight up but is also sturdy so it doesn’t fall over when hit.  Everyone’s nail should be sticking out of the stump equally and they should all be holding their full beer throughout the duration of the game.  The first player in the game holds the hammer.  They must flip the hammer in the air and then catch the handle again (usually a backflip that is claw first).  You may also incorporate a trick in your flip, but you only get one chance to flip and catch.  After you catch the hammer, you must go directly into your swing in one fluid motion.  You are trying to strike the nail of any opponent around the stump.  If you strike their nail it will become visible shorter.  That person must drink their beer in proportion with the amount of nail that has disappeared into the stump.  If a trick flip occurred, the drinker must drink more beer.  The amount of ‘more beer’ drank is based on how good you thought their trick was.  If sparks are seen on the nail strike then it is a ‘social’ and every player must drink a sip out of their beer.  Usually when this happens everyone yells ‘sparks!’.  If a player swings and does not hit anyone’s nail then his/her turn is over.  If the player flipping the hammer drops it on the ground they must take a sip of their own beer and lose their turn.  If they drop it and the hammer lands ‘head down’ on top of the stump then the person who the claw is facing must chug their entire beer and get a new one.  The flipper also takes a sip for the drop and loses a turn.  If at any point on the game a player’s nail gets bent, they may take time to fix the nail and make it straight again when it is their turn to flip only.  This is called ‘Home Improvement’.  During Home Improvement it is generally accepted that all other players will put one leg up on the stump for stability.  They may take as much time as they like to try to straighten the nail, but they may not pull it out of the stump at all.  Once the head of a player’s nail goes below the surface of the stump they are out.  This can include a nail that was bent and the nail head goes over the edge of the stump.  If at any point that nail is accidentally struck again and the head re-emerges from the stump, that player can re-enter the game in their original spot in the rotation.  Note: if you have been eliminated you should still drink when you see sparks and put your leg on the stump during Home Improvement.  If a player accidentally hits their own nail they are out of the game.  After everyone’s nail has been hammered down but one, that one is the winner!

7.  No-Face – This is a very simple card game for 2 people.  Just intended to get you drinking.  2 players sit on opposite sides of a table.  Shuffle a full deck of cards.  One player is the dealer and the other is the player.  Dealer lays 9 cards face down on the table in between the 2 players.  The cards should resemble a diamond shape (1 card, then 2 cards, then 3, then 2, then 1 again).  The ‘player’ must start at one end of the diamond and flip that card over.  He can pick either end to start from.  If he gets a numbered card then he goes on to the next row of 2 cards and flips one of them over.  If he gets a numbered card there then he continues to the next row of 3 cards, and so on.  He must get from one end of the diamond to the other without flipping over a face card (jack, queen, king, ace).  If he flips a face card then he must drink some of his beer and the dealer lays new cards face down over the ones the player flipped, and the player must start over.  If you get from one end to the other without flipping over a face card then you win.  Now you are the dealer and the other guy is the flipper.  You can go back and forth until you are both drunk.

8.  Silent Ball – Not exactly a drinking game, but only good when everyone playing is drunk.  You start by getting a nice sized group together (preferable at least 8).  Find a nice open room.  A kitchen works nice here.  Find any random object in the room that can’t break.  An unopened paper towel roll works nice here.  Try and get something that size or slightly smaller.  What you do in Silent Ball is toss that object around the room from person to person.  If the person who the object is thrown to drops the object, they are out.  When a player is ‘out’ they must leave the room.  It is best to have a room with a door on it so the other players can force them out of the room and they cannot watch the remainder of the game.  It’s more fun to stand outside of the playing room and wait for the door to open to see who got eliminated next.  What if there is a bad, or impossible, throw you might ask?  It is up to the discretion of the players in the game to determine if it was a dropped pass or a bad throw.  If it is determined that it was a bad throw then the thrower is kicked out of the room and they are out.  A bad throw could be a throw that is completely out of the circle of players, too low, too high, or maybe too fast.  It is just a throw that the rest of the players rule as not very catchable.  While you cannot throw uncatchable passes, it is highly encouraged to do trick tosses, spins, high archers, and no-look passes!  When there are only 3 players left in the room and one of them is eliminated from the game they get to stay in the room.  They act as a Judge for the final 2 players.  What makes this game so fun?  And why the hell is it called Silent Ball?  Two great questions.  The answer is that nobody may talk or make any type of noise with their mouth during the entire game.  If a player talks, or makes a noise with their mouth at any point, they are out and kicked out of the room.  Laughing can take place if something funny happens and everyone laughs.  If it is only one person laughing and it is getting a little loud or obnoxious then you can kick them out.  Again, this is at the discretion of the player field.  When someone is ruled ‘out’ every other player in the room snaps their fingers over and over again while pushing that player out of the room.  The snapping does not stop until the player is gone.  When it is down to 2 players and a Judge in the room all of the same rules apply.  The Judge still cannot talk and must assist in snapping when kicking out the last eliminated player.  If the 2 remaining players feel the Judge is breaking a rule they may kick him out and bring back the last eliminated player to act as Judge for the remainder of the game.

Beer Olympics
The following games are meant as events in a beer olympics situation.  They are not against opponents, but rather timed events that you would do with a partner to try to get your fastest time.  You can use these events as well, as some of the other games listed above (a beer pong tourney, flip cup races, or a team-timed flip cup where fastest team wins), to create your own Beer Olympics night or weekend!  If you want to have an awesomely drunk Olympics you might want to have everyone drink a Four Loco or do a Power Hour (drink 1 shot of beer every minute for an hour straight) before the games begin!

9.  Dice Game –
This game consists of 2 partners, a square game board (a checker board may be used here as it is around the correct size), 12 shot glasses filled with beer (6 for each player), and one single die.  You must use a stopwatch to time how long this takes the team to complete.  Player A begins by rolling the die on the board.  Whatever number shows up is the shot number that Player B must drink.  Player A continues to roll the die until they get every number once.  Meanwhile, Player B is drinking the shot glasses as the numbers appear.  If Player A rolls the die off of the playing board then Player B must refill one of the shot glasses (does not matter which one, but that number will have to be rolled again before you can drink it).  Once all numbers have been rolled and drank, Player B starts rolling until Player A has finished.  Obviously the fastest time is the best team.

10.  Team Chug – Again this is a timed event where the faster the time the better.  Every member of a team lines up with a full beer on the table in front of them.  When the stopwatch begins the players must chug their beers down the line.  The first players chugs and then places their beer can/cup back on the table, then the next player in line may begin chugging their beer.  This continues until the entire team has chugged their beers and the last cup is placed back on the table.

11.  Dizzy Bat – This is another timed event with 2 members of a team participating together.  Player A must chug beer out of a plastic whiffle ball bat.  Then they must place their forehead on the bat while it is touching the ground and spin around it 10 times.  You then stand up in a batting stance getting ready to hit!  Player B, who is standing about 7 feet away, tosses an empty beer can towards Player A.  If they hit the can they get to subtract 5 seconds from their time.  If they miss it the time stops there.

If you have any questions about these games, or rule clarifications, feel free to write a comment and we will get them answered for you.  Also, if you have a fun drinking game that you like to play let us know and maybe we will add it to this article.

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