Gray Wolves say: ‘Hope You Like us! We’re here to stay!’

One week ago today it became official.  Gray Wolves in the Rocky Mountain region have been removed from the Endangered Species list!  For the first time ever, Congress has removed an animal species from the Endangered Species list.  This means, the species will no longer need to be protected under the endangered species act and will be turned back over to the state’s protection.  Gray Wolves that live in the area are said to be thriving once again.

There was a lot of political debate about this move.  Lots of funding goes into maintaining species under the act.  Removing the wolves and declaring them “healthy” will help the budget.  However, many people believe that they are still suspect to extinction.  The protection that they will be removing frightens some, leading them to believe the numbers will go right back down to horrific numbers.  Approximately 1600 wolves roam the Rocky Mountains and the numbers have been steadily rising.

Some may say this is good news.  However, ranchers in the area believe if they keep growing in number they will become a nuisance.  They attack livestock and cost the ranchers thousands.  Also, some believe that when the numbers grow even higher, a threat to humans may become evident.  These are all true, but that doesn’t mean allow them to die off as a species.  That’s just ridiculous.

There will always be two sides to every story.  Some will always like decisions made and some will oppose.  It happens with every single choice in life.  For me, this is a huge step for the wolf population and only good things should be in people’s minds.  We’re keeping a species going!  You think that cows are happy that humans are thriving?  I don’t think so.  I think all species thriving is a good thing.  Except for those thousand-legger things. Ew.  Other than that, LONG LIVE THE WOLVES!  Everyone else needs to mind their own business!  Let them live free.  Let them run in packs. Let them enter, The Wolf Lair.

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