Wolf Theater: Experience Grand Rapids, Michigan

In January of this year, Mainstreet.com published a story listing the “dying” cities in the United States. Grand Rapids, Michigan was listed as number 10 on that list. This may demoralize most cities, but not Grand Rapids. Battling home foreclosures, unbelievable unemployment rates, and just plain old tough living, the city took the news and decided to prove the article wrong. They set out to prove that they’re proud to be from Grand Rapids, and that the people from the city are determined to not let the city die. They will prevail through these tough times and have a good time doing it.

They city gathered to set a world record. They were going to make the largest Lip-syncing video ever. They chose to mouth the lyrics to Don McLean’s “American Pie.” The video weaves in and out of parks and streets, providing a look into the happy people of the city. They are playing football, singing, dancing, carving ice sculptures with a chainsaw, pillow fighting, and even shooting Nerf guns at each other. They seem to be doing okay to me. Maybe the city isn’t dying after all. Roger Ebert has dubbed this video, “The greatest music video ever made.” Over a million views already, this video has become an international hit. Watch the video and see how one city is proving that even with hard times hitting us, a community can still be proud and have fun.

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