Musician Spotlight: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi wasn’t always destined to be the budding Hip Hop sensation that he is today.  As a matter of fact, after high school, he attended University of Toledo to study Film.  He would drop out a year into college, only to become a rising star in the music business.  Known for his smooth musical style and inventive lyrical demeanor, he brings a new feel into the rap game.  He seems to be planted in this business for years to come.

Born Scott Mescudi on January 30, 1984, Cudi was the son of a War Vet father and a Choir teacher mother.  He was 11 when his father passed due to cancer, which seems to have much influence on his personality and music.  He attended two high schools in the Cleveland, OH area and eventually received his GED.  He began rapping in his later High School years.  After moving to Brooklyn, NY to persue his music career, he pushed out a mix tape which caught the attention of Kanye West.   Kid Cudi was signed to GOOD Music later that year.

The year of 2008 was the year that Kid Cudi began to gather a following.  He was on Kanye West’s song “Welcome to Heartbreak”  and helped write a few others.  Gaining momentum in the industry as an up-and-comer, Cudi was featured in multiple magazines and TV shows.  He performed on TV for the first time on the 2008 MTV Music Awards.  His biggest hit to date, “Day N Nite” was released this year as well.  After the release of his first CD “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”, it was official.  Kid Cudi was a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world.

His debut album reached as high as #4 on the U.S. Billboards and his second album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”, reached as high as #3 this year.  Cudi may be known as an excellent music artist, however, he is also an actor.  He is currently playing the role of “Domingo Dean” in the Mark Walberg produced HBO Comedy,”How to Make it in America.”

It is safe to say that Kid Cudi is still rising to greatness as we speak, but some think he may already be there.  I believe that.  I have seen him live, and let me tell you, it’s a show.  Going through my memories of the best shows I have seen in my life, and there are many, Kid Cudi’s is right up there.  Maybe even number one.  It was a spectacle with lights and heavy bass and masterful delivery.  Funny story about this concert, Kid Cudi was the second act of three.  A little known artist at the time of B.o.B. opened up the concert.  Not knowing him in the least bit, I proceeded to lead a strong course of “Boo!”s and “Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi!”s.  B.o.B. would go on to get pretty big himself.  I actually like his music these days.  Kid Cudi came on and massacred the stage.  Left me wanting more and more.  Then, he gave way to the main act, heh. Asher Roth. Why was I there seeing Asher Roth?  Who knows?  Judging by his picture there, he doesn’t.  A buddy of mine had an extra ticket since no one else we knew wanted to go, so I said I would.  Then, he read off the opening acts.  Once I found out I was in for some Kid Cudi action.  It was worth it.

He has been known to get a little outrageous at concerts as well which adds to the excitement.  He has punched fans in different cases.  One because the fan was drunk and rushed the stage in the middle of a song and another because a fan kept throwing things on the stage.  Kid Cudi took care of them himself.  I like that.  I believe that taking matters into his own hands makes him more real and down to earth.  I like it.  It’s more exciting to me.  Check out one of his shows in the future, you won’t regret it.

Recently, he has been working with Shia LeBeouf, of Transformers fame, on making music videos and short films based on his songs.  His video for “Marijuana” can be seen here.  The video follows Kid Cudi on a trip to Amsterdam to perform a concert.  While there, he was a judge for the Cannibus Cup 2010.  Needless to say, lots of marijuana and good times.  Shia Lebouf can be seen in a shot of himself in a mirror.  Kid Cudi has been on record saying this was his final goodbye to smoking buddah.  He has since quit partaking in smoking according to him.  They plan to release the short film “MANIAC” in October of this year.

I look forward to whatever Kid Cudi brings out to us in the future.  He’s talented in many different areas of life.  He also just seems like another one of the guys.  I like that in a celebrity.  Keep doing big things Cudi.  The Wolf Lair is behind you!

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