Rare Lobster Treat!

Do you love eating lobster??  Some delicious lobster meat dipped in that melted buttery goodness?!  Well I bet you’re wetting your beak thinking about trying some fresh BLUE lobster!  That’s right, a blue lobster.  One was recently caught in the waters off of Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

  It’s bright blue color is a very rare genetic mutation found in only 1 out of several million lobsters.  Most people will never come face to face with one in their whole life.  Apparently, when you cook them they turn red in the boiling water just like all the other lobsters do.  I’m sure they taste just as delicious too!  This particular lobster was one lucky guy though.  Since he has this rare genetic mutation, he will not be cooked up.  He will be kept in an aquarium tank because of his rarity.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy weird, cool, rare animals in the world!  This guys is OK in my book!

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