A New Craze.. Planking.

There is a new craze.  Planking is hitting the streets and becoming overwhelmingly popular.  Planking is when someone goes stiff as a board and lays somewhere awkward, preferably in public.  This whole thing started in Australia apparently and is now reaching the United States.  This activity seems to make all the people around the “Planker” very uncomfortable.  This is kind of the point.  You’re supposed to make people feel as uncomfortable as you can.  This causes much hilarity to ensue.

There is a fan page on Facebook that has reached over 300,000 fans, as well.  People enjoy planking in hilarious places and taking pictures.  Then, they would post it onto the fan page and see how many people “Like” it.  Also, videos having been popping up in great numbers on Youtube.  Here is one for you to enjoy:

The more outrageous the reactions, the better the plank. I find this activity completely hilarious and should be done more often. I hope to see Plankers around my town in the near future. Let’s go people! Plank Philly! Please feel free to plank and post pictures and videos.

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