Zorbing Anyone?!

Ever been Zorbing before??  Ever heard of Zorbing before?  If you haven’t, you can thank me later.  Zorbing, or Globe Riding, is a sport or activity that was created in New Zealand where you roll down a large hill in a huge inflatable ball!  I recently tried Zorbing and it was incredible.  The ball is about 10 feet in diameter and built of clear plastic.  The ball is filled with air so it is safe and bouncy.  It has another smaller inner-orb that is about 6 feet in diameter.  That is where the riders go.

Riders can experience the zorb in one of two ways; dry or wet.  If you choose to ride the dry one you will be by yourself.  You get strapped into a seat with your ankles also secured at the bottom of the inner orb.  When the ball gets released down the hill you will have no control of how or where it rolls.  You will tumble over and over again.  It is like being on a roller coaster that is constantly doing upside-down loops!  It is definitely possible to get motion sickness, so ride at your own risk!

If you choose to go the wet route there can be 3 riders.  There are no straps or seats in this inner orb.  They add a few gallons of water to the inner orb as well.  When they release the zorb down the hill all of the riders get tossed around together with the water splashing all over them.  You don’t go upside-down in the wet zorb, but it feels like you are sliding down a big water slide the whole time.  You definitely want to wear a bathing suit in the wet one because you get soaked.

Zorbing has started to catch on all over the world, however I have only found 3 spots in the U.S. that do it.  I recently went to a place called ‘Ski Roundtop’ in Pennsylvania that had Zorbing.  It is about 2 hours west of Philadelphia.  I have also seen that they have Zorbing in Pigeon Forge, TN (near Great Smoky Mountain National Park) and in Amesbury, MA (about an hour north of Boston).  If you live in these areas you should try it out.  It is definitely something you would love to cross off your bucket list!

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