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“The U” – Remembering the 2001 Miami Hurricanes Football Team

With all of the bad press the University of Miami (my personal favorite college football team) is seeing these days, I thought I might recollect one of the better times in their history.  I want everyone to remember, and maybe learn about for the first time, the 2001 Miami Hurricanes football season.  They went 12-0 in 2001 and won the National Championship over Nebraska (with Heisman winner Eric Crouch at QB) in the Rose Bowl.
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Wild Investments for Billionaires!

People who have more money than they can count need to spend it some how.  With that said, there are a couple billionaires who are investing in some crazy ideas these days!  Peter Thiel is the founder of Pay Pal and he was an early investor in Facebook.  Needless to say he is worth a good amount of money.  He’s actually worth around 1.5 billion.  Just to give you a little background on this guy, last year he invested some of his money into an initiative that will encourage entrepreneurs to skip college.  While that may have been something that worked out for him, I’m sure a lot of parents out there will not go for this idea.
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Eagles Going for it all in 2011!

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to have Super Bowl aspirations for the ’11-’12 NFL season.  They finished last season 10-6 and lost in the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers by a mere 5 points.  It was Michael Vick’s first full season back since being released from prison and he impressed.  He was actually electrifying most of the season.  While he always has an injury risk because of his style of play, his QB IQ should only go up with another year under Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles staff.
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