Why Halloween is Cool!

Let’s face it, Halloween is a pretty sweet holiday.  If you don’t like Halloween for some odd reason, I’m going to try and make you to like it!  There are so many cool things about it and I’m going to lay them out for you right here in this very article.

Let’s start with one of the classic elements of the holiday, the pumpkins!  What’s not fun about pumpkins?!  First, you can go to a pumpkin patch and look for your very own perfect pumpkin!  You can go for the biggest pumpkin you can physically carry, or a cute tiny pumpkin!  It’s a nice day out with some friends, or just a sweet place to pick up a girl!  After picking your pumpkin you can decorate, paint, or carve it!  This year I chose to carve one.  I made it into a sweet grim reaper and my GF made a ‘bat cat’ (a cat with bat wings).  If you are a first timer, carving a pumpkin is not as difficult as one may think.  There are many Pumpkin Carving Kits you can pick up if you are not a good free-hand artist.  You begin by cutting open the top of your pumpkin so that you can scoop out all of the gross interior mess and seeds (hold on to those because you can make a sweet snack out of them later!).  Next, you simply take a picture layout and tape it to the front of you pumpkin and outline it with one of the tools that come with the kit.  You then remove the paper layout and cut out the design along the tracing that you outlined.  Just be careful and go slowly so you don’t eff up your design!  After you are done cutting it out, you can put a little candle inside of the pumpkin and put it outside to show off your skills!

The pumpkin fun does not end there either!  As I said before, you can bake those pumpkin seeds and make a sweet little snack.  They are similar to sunflower seeds, but homemade, so it makes you feel special inside that you did something productive and creative!  You really just need to rinse off the seeds, throw some salt on them, and bake in the oven for a little bit until they start to turn a little light brown color.  You can find better directions on how to do this on the internet.  Even after all of this pumpkin fun there is still more!  Local neighborhood kids might have a little fun at your pumpkin expense.  Sometimes you can find rowdy bastards that like to smash pumpkins all over town!  This might anger you if you spent time carving one out, but it’s probably a lot of fun for them.

That brings me to Mischief Night.  That is the night before Halloween.  On this night local teens, and maybe some drunk adults, go around their neighborhood and do some vandalizing.  They might throw eggs at houses, TP  front yards, silly string cars, and even a few things that are worse than that.  (TP is toilet paper if you’re not up on the lingo)  I’m sure it infuriates those who get the attack, but it is probably hilarious for the kids doing it.  So someone benefits here.

Another great thing about Halloween is the scary movies!  They seem to be on TV all month long in October.  It’s the perfect time of the year to watch them too.  It’s starting to get chilly outside so the ladies would rather stay inside and cuddle under a blanket.  So throw on a scary movie and let the heavy petting begin! And let’s not forget about Haunted Houses and hayrides!  People just trying to scare the shit out of you because it’s funny!

Kids love to Trick or Treat!  You get to put on a costume and people give you free candy!  I wish I could do this every single day of the year if I was ten years old.  Even if you don’t have  a lot of money you can find some things around the house to build your own costume.  It’s fun for everyone!

Getting dressed up in costumes is even fun as you get older.  It’s a great idea when you are grown up to throw a costume party!  It’s a theme all in itself.  It gives you a fun chance to drink heavily with ridiculous outfits on!  You can try to scare people or make them laugh with your costumes.  You can also do tag-team, couples, and group costumes for some added fun and pleasure!  Plus guys, lets not forget about the slutty chick costumes!  They can be nice and revealing in all the right areas!  You probably wouldn’t want to make one of these girls your girlfriend, but it’s nice to look at or have fun for one night, am I right?!    I’m right.

All of these reasons are why Halloween is so fun.  Everyone can find something enjoyable on this festive holiday.  Whether you like scary movies, candy, getting dressed up, hayrides, pumpkin carving, or slutty chicks… Halloween has you covered!  Enjoy!

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