Corky’s 100 Favorite Sports Movies

This is a list of my 100 personal favorite sports movies of all time.  I am simply ranking these movies based on the entertainment value they have in my eyes.  This includes how good the story line is, acting quality, the sports accuracy, humor, and re-watch-ability.  My list basically comes down to how much the movie entertained me, and if I will be able to watch it multiple times.

You must also take into consideration the year I was born, 1984.  There will be many sports movies that I have never seen, and maybe never even heard of.  Also, I will not include movies that I have not seen in many years as I’m sure I vaguely remember them.  These movies I will have to re-watch at a later time and then come back and edit my list accordingly.  Feel free to comment on this list and make recommendations of movies that you think I should watch.  You can also make cases for certain movies to be moved up in the ranks.  Another thing to know about me is that I am a fan of more recent movies and comedy, so my rankings may be a little biased.  Also, some of the movies may not be entirely about the sport, but they will have some sort of relationship to that sport.  An example of this would be The Big Lebowski.  I have it in the list because there is some bowling footage.  As a comedy I would have it ranked in the top 10, but it is not ranked that high because this is supposed to be a sports list.  The movies will be listed in order of my favorite down to my least favorite.  I will mark the different sports with different colors as well.  For example, all baseball movies will be in Blue.  That way you can easily see how my baseball movies stack up against one another.  They will include Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Golf, and Other.

(Note – As I mentioned earlier, there are many movies that I have never seen and many good ones that I need to re-watch.  These movies will obviously not be found in my list.  Some of the more predominant movies you will not see in this list include:  The Natural, The Rookie, Bull Durham, Eight Men Out, Bang the Drum Slowly, For Love of the Game, The original Longest Yard, The Program, Hoosiers, Slap Shot, Caddyshack, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Rocky 1 and 2, Cinderella Man, Million Dollar Baby, The Hustler, Chariots of Fire, and Seabiscuit.  I apologize for this and will try to watch these movies in the near future!)
  1. Major League
  2. He Got Game
  3. Happy Gilmore
  4. The Sandlot
  5. Blue Chips
  6. Friday Night Lights
  7. Rocky IV
  8. Invincible
  9. Little Giants
  10. Rookie of the Year
  11. D2: The Mighty Ducks
  12. The Big Lebowski  (bowling)
  13. White Men Can’t Jump
  14. Rounders  (poker)
  15. Kingpin  (bowling)
  16. Varsity Blues
  17. Rebound: The Legend of Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault
  18. The Karate Kid  (karate)
  19. Remember the Titans
  20. Moneyball
  21. Above the Rim
  22. Lords of Dogtown  (skateboarding/surfing)
  23. Talladega Nights  (NASCAR)
  24. Jerry Maguire
  25. Tin Cup
  26. Cool Runnings  (bobsledding)
  27. Little Big League
  28. The Mighty Ducks
  29. Rocky III
  30. The Fighter
  31. The Great White Hype
  32. The Bad News Bears  (original – 1976)
  33. Major League II
  34. Hot Rod  (stunts)
  35. Miracle
  36. Airborne  (rollerblading/hockey)
  37. The Color of Money  (pool)
  38. The Longest Yard (new – 2005)
  39. Searching for Bobby Fisher  (chess)
  40. Brian’s Song (original – 1971)
  41. The Basketball Diaries
  42. Ali
  43. Glory Road
  44. Celtic Pride
  45. Field of Dreams
  46. The Hurricane
  47. Raging Bull
  48. Out Cold  (skiing)
  49. Without Limits  (running)
  50. Space Jam
  51. Love & Basketball
  52. The Legend of Bagger Vance
  53. Coach Carter
  54. The Scout
  55. Sidekicks  (karate)
  56. Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong
  57. Any Given Sunday
  58. The Bad News Bears in ‘Breaking Training’
  59. The Blind Side
  60. Undisputed
  61. Summer Catch
  62. Blades of Glory  (ice skating)
  63. Gridiron Gang
  64. Rudy
  65. BASEketball  (made up game of baseketball)
  66. Teen Wolf
  67. Rocky V
  68. The Comebacks
  69. The Replacements
  70. Finding Forrester
  71. The Wrestler  (pro wrestling)
  72. Dodgeball  (dodgeball)
  73. O
  74. Angels in the Outfield
  75. A League of Their Own
  76. Semi-Pro
  77. The Air Up There
  78. Ready to Rumble  (pro wrestling)
  79. Ladybugs  (soccer)
  80. The Waterboy
  81. Mystery, Alaska
  82. Rocky Balboa
  83. Air Bud
  84. The Express
  85. Bad News Bears (new – 2005)
  86. D3 – The Mighty Ducks
  87. Major League: Back to the Minors
  88. The Fan
  89. Prefontaine  (running)
  90. The Big Green  (soccer)
  91. Blue Crush  (surfing)
  92. We Are Marshall
  93. The 6th Man
  94. Days of Thunder  (NASCAR)
  95. 8 Seconds  (bull riding)
  96. Hardball
  97. The Benchwarmers
  98. Eddie
  99. Balls of Fury  (table tennis)
  100. Rollerball  (rollerballing)

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  1. Very well thought-out list. I personally would put The Sandlot #1 but thats just me. I dont see how your first Rock movie is not I-III but its all personal opinon so i cant complain. Great list. Cant imagine how much time it took to rank them.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It took me a few days to just get a list together of sports movies that i’ve seen in my lifetime. After that it was pretty fast to rank them. As for the Rocky’s, I love III and rank it slightly below IV. I just like the work-out scene’s in IV and I think Sly was in his best shape in this one. Also, it had the whole US underdog vs. the ‘Perfect’ Russian specimen theme going for it. I haven’t seen I and II in a very long time and that is why they are not ranked in the list yet.

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