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Rare Lobster Treat!

Do you love eating lobster??  Some delicious lobster meat dipped in that melted buttery goodness?!  Well I bet you’re wetting your beak thinking about trying some fresh BLUE lobster!  That’s right, a blue lobster.  One was recently caught in the waters off of Canada’s Prince Edward Island.
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Wolf Theater: Dinosaur Rap

This video is for you people who like gettin’ ripped, partying, rapping, humor and DINOSAURS! The first time I heard this I was dying laughing. I think you will enjoy it, too. I mean, how can you not like a white guy rapping about getting high with Dinos?

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Gray Wolves say: ‘Hope You Like us! We’re here to stay!’

One week ago today it became official.  Gray Wolves in the Rocky Mountain region have been removed from the Endangered Species list!  For the first time ever, Congress has removed an animal species from the Endangered Species list.  This means, the species will no longer need to be protected under the endangered species act and will be turned back over to the state’s protection.  Gray Wolves that live in the area are said to be thriving once again.

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