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Crazy Sex Acts. Which have you tried you Dirt Dog?!…

Whether or not you’ve tried some before, you have all at least heard of these crazy little sexual acts.  We just want to list the ones we know here so you can find out what they mean if you hear them in a conversation somewhere.  We will list the basic ones, such as the Donkey Punch and Dirty Sanchez, and we will list the more rare acts, such as the Alabama Hot Pocket.  Comment on them!  What’s your fave?!  If you know any others feel free to let us know about them and we will add them to the list so it is more complete.  Or, if you try any at home and have cool or funny stories, comment about them here!
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A New Craze.. Planking.

There is a new craze.  Planking is hitting the streets and becoming overwhelmingly popular.  Planking is when someone goes stiff as a board and lays somewhere awkward, preferably in public.  This whole thing started in Australia apparently and is now reaching the United States.  This activity seems to make all the people around the “Planker” very uncomfortable.  This is kind of the point.  You’re supposed to make people feel as uncomfortable as you can.  This causes much hilarity to ensue.

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