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Musician Spotlight: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi wasn’t always destined to be the budding Hip Hop sensation that he is today.  As a matter of fact, after high school, he attended University of Toledo to study Film.  He would drop out a year into college, only to become a rising star in the music business.  Known for his smooth musical style and inventive lyrical demeanor, he brings a new feel into the rap game.  He seems to be planted in this business for years to come.
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Rock the Bells!

If you are wondering “what is Rock the Bells?”, then you are in for a hip hop treat my friend!  Rock the Bells is like a mini one-day rap music festival that is held in a few cities across the U.S. every summer.  It began back in 2004 and has featured many huge hip hop artists throughout the years.  It’s a great way to go and see many of your favorite rap artists in one place performing their hits.
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