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Real Life Eurotrip!

So, I traveled to Europe with my GF a couple of weeks back for 10 days.  We had overnight stops in 7 cities/towns and traveled through 8 different countries.  It was just incredible and I would go back in a second!  We stayed one night a piece in London, Amsterdam, St. Goar (Germany), Munich, Lucerne (Swiss Alps), and two nights each in Venice and Paris.  We also traveled through Belgium and had a day trip in Innsbruck, Austria.  Here is just a little taste of some of the amazing things we saw, did, and ate on this trip…
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The Wolf Lair Travels

The Wolves are venturing out of the lair for the next week or so. We need to travel the world to gain more knowledge to pass down to you guys! Corky will be venturing overseas and taking on Europe. Lucas will be heading across the border to Mexico. We will have stories for you. We may even have pictures for you. So while we take a break, you take one too! Get out there and explore this crazy world!

Funny Things in Funny Places

Want to travel the world? Want to visit funny places? Do you have a sense of humor? Maybe you should take a trip around the world and perform these tasks. I am going to give you some funny destinations and give you ideas for the places you would stop in. Some of these may be vulgar, but this adds to the hilarity.

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