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2011 MLB Predictions Rewind

Early in the baseball season Corky and I made our predictions for the year.  We chose MVPs, Cy Youngs, ROTYs and playoff results.  Obviously, this is tough to do and rarely everything comes out as predicted, which is why baseball is so great.  Nothing ever happens how it should.  Lets take a gander back at our predictions and report the actual results.  In this article we will show our picks, their stats for the season, their votes in each award, the actual winners and their stats.

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2011 NFL Draft – Round 1 Recap

Did you miss the first round of the NFL Draft? Maybe you did. Maybe you don’t care because of the whole lock out thing. Maybe you didn’t like that it was on a Thursday night instead of its usual Saturday event. Maybe you did see it. Whether you saw it or not, here is all you really need to know about it…
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