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Corky’s 100 Favorite Sports Movies

This is a list of my 100 personal favorite sports movies of all time.  I am simply ranking these movies based on the entertainment value they have in my eyes.  This includes how good the story line is, acting quality, the sports accuracy, humor, and re-watch-ability.  My list basically comes down to how much the movie entertained me, and if I will be able to watch it multiple times.
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PA, Best State for Basketball Players?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if athletes had to play for the city or state that they were originally from? Which state would have the best basketball team? Would you be proud of your team? I am going to put together the best team for my home state, Pennsylvania. Check out your state and see if they would be a contender. This is obviously going to be based on my opinion. Comments and additions are welcomed. Discuss and argue. Tell me where I went wrong. Let me know YOUR state’s team.  Would they beat mine?

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