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2011 MLB Predictions Rewind

Early in the baseball season Corky and I made our predictions for the year.  We chose MVPs, Cy Youngs, ROTYs and playoff results.  Obviously, this is tough to do and rarely everything comes out as predicted, which is why baseball is so great.  Nothing ever happens how it should.  Lets take a gander back at our predictions and report the actual results.  In this article we will show our picks, their stats for the season, their votes in each award, the actual winners and their stats.

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Willie Mays Turns 80.

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.  That makes today his 80th birthday.  That’s quite a milestone, so I thought that I’d write a little bit about his career since most of us are probably too young to have actually seen him play.

Some say he was the greatest baseball player of ALL TIME.  That is quite an accusation, but it can be backed up.  When most people think of the greatest player of all time they probably think of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, or even Barry Bonds if you go strictly on the numbers and not the steroids.  P.S. we are not counting pitchers in this article as they do totally different things than position players do, so it’s a different argument altogether.  The truth is, Willie’s numbers are just as good, or better, than these players.  Willie just might not have the recognition because he didn’t play for the Yankees or in today’s media market.
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2011 MLB Picks; Read it and weep.

A month has come and gone in the 2011 Major League Baseball season.  This is when all the lucky starts begin to fade and slow starts are overcome.  The trip through a long season begins to take form.  Some speculate that it takes about a month to really know what you’re going to get from your favorite team for the year.  Others may say it takes up to 50 games.  We’re going to dive into it at this point.  We’re going to provide our picks for MVP’s, Cy Young’s, and ROY’s for each league, and also some input as to why we chose them.

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