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  1. Charles Stillwater a.k.a Spike Lincoln

    Hey. Great BLOG you guys have going on here. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and looking foward to more random thoughts,facts, and news you guys have to write about. Oh, I almost forgot…The Wolf Lair is also a headquarters Adolf Hitler used back in 1941 during the German invasion of the Soviet Union. I can safely say this website was created for better reasons AND will end with a better note! Adios Bonetaros!

    • Why thank you there, Charles. The comment is much appreciated. That fact was not known to me, however, it is a good one. This site was absolutely not created for genocide, I assure you. But a good Did You Know nevertheless!

      • I did actually know that The Wolf Lair was the name of one of Hitler’s headquarters, but not until after this site was created. We have no affiliation with them haha.

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