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Corky’s 100 Favorite Sports Movies

This is a list of my 100 personal favorite sports movies of all time.  I am simply ranking these movies based on the entertainment value they have in my eyes.  This includes how good the story line is, acting quality, the sports accuracy, humor, and re-watch-ability.  My list basically comes down to how much the movie entertained me, and if I will be able to watch it multiple times.
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Woody Harrelson – You won’t find him getting Munsoned any time soon!

At first glance you would think that Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was an ordinary guy if you saw him walking down your street.  After all, he is a 5 foot 10 inch tall, 50-year-old, white, American male of average build.  However, Woody is far from ordinary.  In fact, he is quite extraordinary and has led a life that would confirm this.

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